To see what's going in and around the runway you need to use an IOS or Android App. Its also possible to use a PC based App but this requires Internet Explorer 11 rather than Edge and will require you to download some additional modules which a typical IT Department may get squiffy about!

If you are technically savy the magic detals to get this working are:

Your QR number is NA01B025MA48

Your user name is Guest

And your top secret password is 123456

This is a test system with a number of network limitations and other start-up issues, however it will get you started!

If you want to use a PC based system then you need IE11 available here

Then you need to go to and follow the directions and accept all the various additional modules.

The same logon codes are used as above.

Please note that all the IOS/Andoid/PC systems have been tested and do work, however we do not provide any technical support for these systems.