Bagby Airfield Joint Consultative Committee (BAJCC)

The purpose of the BAJCC is to:

• Foster communication and build understanding between Bagby Airfield, its users, local residents and the business community;
• To stimulate the interest of the local population in the development of the Airfield;
• To analyse, monitor, scrutinise and comment on data produced demonstrating recorded movements at the Airfield;
• To receive and report on any breaches of condition notified as regards noise, movements or other regulations relating to aviation activities;
• To analyse and receive reports as to any alleged breach of condition notified including types of complaint, trends, and the Airfield owner’s effectiveness in addressing these issues and to make recommendations as to the corrective action to be determined by the Airfield Owner including but not limited to:
 The need for further analysis in the event the cause of the complaint cannot be identified;
 The exclusion of pilots from use of the Airfield;
 The reporting of complaints to the Local Authority;
 The publication of relevant data as to types of complaint, their source and action taken to address the same.
• To protect and enhance the interest of users of the Airfield and local residents.

Minutes of meetings held can be found below:

Minutes of the inaugral meeting can be found here..

The second meeting on the 7th April 2021 here..

The third meeting on the 5th August 2021here..

Meeting - 30 March 2022 :

Meeting - 12 April 2023 :