Bagby Airfield is subject to strict planning conditions whcih follow on from its granting of planning after a long legal process.

The number of movements is very complex and constrained in a number of ways:

  1. There are different sets of restrictions for home based aircraft versus visiting aircraft, effectively home based aircraft have some greater flexibility of hours compared to visitors.
  2. All aircraft must have a CAA/EASA/FAA noise certifcate and this must be below certain thresholds. (Exemptions for older, former militray aircraft)
  3. There are different numbers allowed for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
  4. There are restrictions on 'circuit bashing' and 'touch and goes'
  5. There are limitations of the total numbers of aircraft per day, per week, per month and per year split by fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
  6. There are further restrictions based on the day of the week and public holidays.
  7. Helicopters are further restricted at weekends and public holidays.
Therefore, going forward its imperative that all resident operators and visitors are:
  1. Aware of the broad set of restrictions.
  2. Be aware that one or more of the above limits is about to be reached or has been reached.
  3. Ask permission from the designated airfield manager as to whether there arrival /departure is permitted.
To assist resident based aircraft there will be a clear display in the clubhouse showing the current status of movements and their likely impact.